Hellman Auctions is an international auction house that provides a reliable channel for selling and buying collectibles. We have customers in more than 60 different countries. In addition to collectors and heirs, we also serve companies and authorities in estimations and sales assignments.

We are constantly taking in items for our upcoming auctions. Our extensive customer base guarantees sellers the best and up-to-date market price. Through us, you can sell money, stamps, badges, military, silverware, watches, comic books, autographs, Olympic items, old postcard collections, jewellery, trading cards, vintage and other collectibles – almost anything!

Contact us and let us know what would be available. You will receive a personal and individual estimation from us on how we can best help you liquidate your objects. Our services also include arranging customized special auctions if you own a significant collection from some interesting area. Ask more about our exclusive special service!

It is a very good time to sell

At the moment we are building our next international auction. Through our auctions you can sell almost anything! It’s always worth telling what’s on offer and we’ll see how we can help.

We are now taking in items for sale.

Our next auction is in March 2021.